Bottles dug from a Civil War Latrine


About My Probes

The "Singing" Privy Probes are constructed from the highest grade spring steel available. This is new spring steel not recycled from old car trunk springs. The diameter is .339 which is a shade over 5/16". The handles are 1" hollow black steel pipe.They are mig welded to the probe steel.

Don't be fooled by others who braze their handles. I have been welding for 40 years and brazing requires the metal to be cherry red in order to attach. This robs the temper from the spring steel drastically weakening it. Plus the fact that the joint is brass which is much softer than mig steel joints. Mig forms an instantaneous molecular bond without the high sustained heat.

Stay away from the rubber bicycle grip handles. They deaden your feel for what you are trying to find.

The method I use for attaching the handle makes it impossible for the shaft to come through and poke you a new belly button, even if both welds were to break. It also makes the probe act just like a tuning fork. Tap it on concrete and it rings for 5 seconds. Try that with a brazed probe.

I am offering these probes in any length up to 5 feet at present. You can also choose between two tip designs. The one with the bulge set back about 1" from the tip is a little easier to start in hard ground. They both pull back a sample so you can see what's under your feet.


4 foot probes are $35

5 foot probes are $40

Other lengths priced individually


The Postal Service has gone crazy with their pricing as of the 27th of Jan. 2013. I will use every method I can to get the lowest price I can find for shipping to you and charge you the actual shipping cost, nothing added for handling.


I accept PayPal but require a $2 charge. I also accept USPS money orders and personal checks but there is a wait while they clear my bank.


Doug Wrote:
Your probe is great!! found glass within a few moments of probing.
Anyway just wanted to say that the probe is a great piece of workmanship!

Larry Wrote:

Received my probe and I must say it is professionally constructed. It really does "sing" Thank you!

Chris Wrote:
I received the probes today and they are better than I remember. I'm glad you are making them again.

Jack Wrote:

Hi John-I received the probe today -I like the through the handle,double weld construction-bullet proof-You are right,it does sing.Best probe i have ever owned Thank You




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