To benefit from the best transport conditions, here is how to choose your car seat cushion


Simple to use and very comfortable, the car seat cushion keeps the back in an optimal position during long car trips for both the driver and the passengers.

The car seat cushion: offering comfort in the car
Unless you can afford a luxury car, car seats are rarely very comfortable. To avoid back pain and aches after a long journey, the best car seat cushion perfectly adapt to the morphology of each. What choices do consumers have to have a reliable and comfortable car seat cushion?

Principle and function of the car seat cushion An uncomfortable car seat can cause discomfort for the driver or his passengers and can also be dangerous for driving. These inconveniences have no place with the car seat cushion, since it allows to enhance and position themselves comfortably in the seat. An ideal way to combine comfort and safety to make car journeys much more enjoyable than before.

Light and discreet, the car seat cushion is positioned over the seat of the car. This allows you to instantly gain several centimeters that ensure better support of the back. Its booster effect provides better visibility to the driver for safe driving.

1. Seat cushion WINOMO With dimensions of 53 X 49 X 1 cm, this car seat cushion guarantees a particularly comfortable seat. Made with high quality leather, this WINOMO Leather Front Car Seat Cushion offers outstanding durability and durability. In addition, this accessory is easy to use thanks to a fastening belt buckle. This cushion is suitable for both children and older.

2. Feagar Foam Seat Cushion
With dimensions of 44 X 34 X 13 cm and a weight of 721 grams, the Feagar back-seat car seat cushion guarantees comfortable car journeys. The shape memory foam of this car seat cushion ensures a position adapted to the buttock, avoiding pressure on the coccyx.

3. Feagar Lumbar Cushion
Ideal for relieving back pain, the back car seat cushion is also particularly pleasant to use since it effectively relieves the various pressures exerted by the sitting position. Ergonomically designed, the Feagar Back Malaise Car Seat Cushion helps correct poor posture and maintain and protect the spine. This accessory is characterized by dimensions of 34 X 33 X 12 cm and a weight of 662 grams.

4. Ergonomic cushion Bonmedico
With this car seat booster cushion, back pain after a long drive will quickly become a bad memory. With its size of 45 X 35 X 7 cm, this adult car seat booster cushion adapts to many morphologies. It is particularly suitable for people with injuries in the tailbone, but also sciatica, or hemorrhoids.

5. Monobloc Car Booster Cushion
Ideal for effectively fighting against back pain, this car seat booster cushion effectively mitigates various ailments such as sciatica or pain in the coccyx. Perfectly suited to long journeys, this booster seat booster cushion offers comfort and safety guarantees to drivers, whether they are drivers in a car or truck.

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